Thursday, January 21, 2010

We love Asian

Tonight I made asian food. You know, the real authintic kind. I made a salad with napa cabbage, spring rolls with two kinds of bean sprouts, and dumplings. I took the kidos to the store to get the dumplings, which at that time I called them pot stickers. So I had them each carry a bag in the store and we were on our way out and almost in the car when Kit asked where her stickers were. I told her I did not know what she was talking about and to get in the car because it was raining. Then Sinclaire started in on the stickers and wondering where they were. I thought they had gone crazy. We didn't have stickers and we weren't getting any at the Asian Mart. So finally after an almost break down about stickers I figured it out. They were wondering where their stickers were when I had just gotten 4 bags of them in the store. I guess we will start calling them dumplings from now on instead of pot stickers. Sam called them wontons, so maybe we could just call them what ever we want because we all think they have a different name anyway.


Gillian said...

Funny. We love Asian too!

I got your message. I will trying calling later today.

Macy said...

YUM! Pot Stickers are my favorite :) I bought a bag for my birthday. That is too funny about the "sticker" part.

The Ericksons said...

I love that our kids have melt downs about things that we mothers know nothing about! Thanks for sharing because it makes me feel like I am normal. I love it when we finally figure things out, too. Miss you guys!