Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Past puzzles

I love snow like this, when it is really pretty and I know I don't have to go anywhere. I find myself wishing my girls were older so we could do puzzles. It's was we always did when school was cancelled for the day. I loved it. I haven't done a puzzle for about three years, whenever Sinclaire became tall enough to knock the pieces off the table.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Once there was a snowman

Small, small, small.

Sinclaire was just dying to build a snowman on Sunday and since there was so much snow Sam went out and helped her. I love it. Especially the tiny head. And since we had a snow man, why not a bonfire. It was the perfect weather. I just wish I would have had a hot dog to roast over the roaring flames.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Creepy eyes

Sinclaire and I went to the store today and we saw some fake hair attachments. I am sure this is a new concept for her. She touched it and then looked up at me and asked, "Does it have eyes." Could you imagine going to the store and getting some fake hair, along with some fake eyes. Creepy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Morning breath

It's so fun in the morning getting your children out of bed. I just love Kit Kat's messy hair and usually she is all smiles and giggles. And then she breathes on you. You know, right up next to your nose so there is no way you are escaping the draft. What a wonderful moment.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Year

We had a great holiday. Christmas was spent with Sam's parents and we enjoyed being together. We all like to play games and eat good food, so you can't go wrong with that. Santa was very nice this year, my FAVORITE gift was Christmas charades. What a great game. Thanks Jake. Let me tell you a little story about it.

Sam took me home to meet his family for the first time, and he had a wonderful little brother that loved a fabulous game called Mimitations. Oh yes, my favorite, an acting game. So I played, what else was I to do, ask to be taken home? It was terrible. I had to be a hump backed whale. And then a quail. (Next time I see you please show me how you would have acted out quail.) What kind of people play games like this. I was so embarrassed. But I have yet to play it again and I refuse to play it now. I will NEVER play it again.

We came home for a few days and then went to my sister's for New Year's. It was great. We played games until way too early in the morning and we just got to relax. I had lunch with four fabulous friend's. It was great to catch up with everyone. Then I got my hair cut, thanks Macy I love it. Then the fun really began. My sister got sick, then her husband, then my husband, then Kit Kat. Oh what fun it was. We really can't go a whole holiday without someone getting sick.