Monday, January 11, 2010

The return

After a bit of a break I am back to the everyday grind of things. I finally got the Internet and the floor is done! When the other computer is set up I can put some pictures on here and get back into the swing of things. We have all been sick for what seems like months. I think it has only been 2 weeks, but it seems like forever.
We had a great Christmas. Sam was off for 10 days and it was so fun to have him with us. We went to grandma's house a lot and played games, games, and more games. The girls love being at grandmas. We also got to see Oma and everyone else. We played games there too. Maybe we should get a new hobby it seems that is all we did. We did do a puzzle that had 3 colors; blue, orange, and white. It wasn't too bad. I really like puzzles, but with 3 little kiddos it is hard to do them. I did however find a miniature 1000 piece puzzle that is only about12x18 inches. It is great, we can just put it on the shelf when we are done.


Kristie said...

We've been dodging puzzles for the past couple of years, I really enjoy them, maybe I should find a 'mini'! Good to hear from you again stranger:-)

Watashi no Uchi said...

So glad to hear things are looking up for you guys! I've missed seeing you lately and have been thinking about you guys! We need to get together sometime!

grandma jojo said...

i want to see pics of your new house,including the floor. seems that i heard something about your new floor and some WATER?!