Friday, August 28, 2009

One great baby

Well, the hunt is still on. Sam and I have looked at a few more homes and decided they weren't for us. For some reason he always likes one, and I always like the other. But, the house we had put an offer on and waited 7 weeks on will be an option again. The selling agent is still working with the bank and will let us know what he finds out. The good thing about this is we can still look and if we find one we can buy that one, but if we don't we can just wait until this one comes through. At least it makes me more certain that some thing will happen soon.

I try not to talk about how great Tiny is, but I just have to say that he is a great baby. He has slept through the night for over a month and he takes great naps. He hardly ever cries and he will lay in his bed for along time after he wakes up with out crying. What a difference from the girls. I am so blessed by this little bitty guy. I just love him.

(Don't get me wrong I love my girls too, but they just weren't this good as a baby.)

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Kristie said...

I'm so glad #3 is easier, I hope #s 4-15 are just as good:-)