Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pet peeves or Blessings

Yesterday I was pushing the girls on the swing and I decided to think of 5 pet peeves. This is what I came up with:

Walking in wet grass with sandals or bear foot
Trash laying on the counter right by the trash can

So I had yet to think of that fifth one when I thought to myself, "Why am I thinking of thinks that annoy me, I should be thinking of things that make me happy." So I decided to come up with a different list.

My kiddos laughing
A breezy summer day
Sam pushing the girls on the swing, they love it
A good workout
A really yummy meal
Ice cream
A nap
A hug and smooches from my girls
A laugh from Tiny
His little toes
An extra $20 in my pocket
Fabric stores
Finishing a project
Alone time
Music, I love Broadway stuff
Friends and family

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Next time I will try to think of things that make me happy instead of dwelling on the stuff that annoys me. What about you, what makes you happy?


Kristie said...

How about cigarette butts all over the sidewalk for your #5 peeve? (I like to walk barefoot in wet grass - so that puts me back to 4...)
Now for happy (yes. it's better to think 'happy thoughts')~
A clean house
a foot rub
and a trail ride
speaking of fabric stores, there's a fabric factory outlet in Clarksville TN, I saw it as we were leaving Thursday, but next time...I'M THERE!

Margaret said...

what makes me happy, always having a project to work on

trying to always be doing something

baby smiles
calls from friends out of the blue

a ladder for the pool

JoEllen said...

I love baby giggles! They're just so sweet and cute!

Jenny said...

That's hilarious. I love that you shared that:) So honest!

peter said...

Fireworks on the fourth of July,
The smell of fresh-turned soil, a really juicy piece of ham for Sunday dinner, Josh's smiles, Katelyn's snuggles...