Monday, August 17, 2009


I am headed up to my mom's today to get peaches. I got a bushel to do what ever I want with. I think I will just like to eat mine seeing as how I have no place to live at the moment. Hopefully in two weeks we will be able to wrap up everything and finalize the house. Tiny is getting so big, when I get my computer back I will get some pictures on.

I have started training for the mini next May. I have ran just a few times and I can tell that i have be stagnant for way too long. My body aches pretty much all over, so hopefully that will go away soon.


julia said...

i will pay good money for more canned peaches. seriously, the ones you gave us before were the best we'd ever had. it took all of jan's self control not to finish the entire jar before i could have some of them.

i want to see updated photos!

Kristie said...

We had peaches and ice cream for our FHE treat! I made it home OK, I did take the wrong road at the 'Y', but I figured it out quickly and turned around.

JoEllen said...

"Mini?" Mini marathon, mini triathlon, mini what?

The body ache that comes from working out is a good thing. It helps you remember that you're alive!

Nancy said...

miss you... enjoy peaches... get a house :)