Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kit had a Birthday

She didn't like blowing out her candles, so Sinclaire helped her.

With her cousin Lucy and her uncle Jake.

Still not wanting to blow out her candles.

A friend offered to make Kit Kat's cake for her birthday, and I just couldn't say no to that. I went to her house to help her, I mostly just watched. It turned out great.

We went to grandma and grandpa's to play with the cousins and had a great time. It is too bad they don't live closer to us so we could play all year long.


Lindsay said...

Bring on the 2-year birthdays! It's hard for me to believe that Garrett will also be two in just a couple weeks. Had I known Kit Kat would have had candle-blowing issues, I would have sent Garrett your way -- he loves blowing at fire, so much so that it's almost scary and makes me even more determined to keep matches far, far away from him.

JoEllen said...

Oh my - that cake is beautiful! Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Kit... Nice cake.

Lisa said...

She's so dang cute! Both of your girls are.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to Kit!

Love the cake.