Saturday, May 9, 2009


Two babies instead of one!!!

Just kidding. Sam always fills up his car at a gas station that gives out a free quick draw ticket if you purchase 10 gallons of gas. He just knows he will win the 300,000 someday. Anyway his yesterday ticket got 5 of the 10 numbers and so we won $5. Now I can never say I haven't won the lotto.


Kristie said...

Now comes the you pay tithing on it:-)

dynomitegirl said...

We had the tithing lesson couple of weeks ago in church. The WWF could not have been more entertaining. I thought some of the men were going to have to take it outside, who would have known there was such a variation in 10%. Thanks for letting me peek in at your life, I have been lurking for a while and thought I better tell you. cute kids, fun blog! My blog is

nan said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON JACKSON!!! We're so excited to meet him!!!

julia said...

that was a dirty trick. i have a small screen open for email and i was like, no way! man pregancy really makes you gullible.

wait, is nan right? are you having a boy??