Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Real life

Well, my mom just left and Sam is at work. I guess that means that I have to start being the mom of three little children. The more I think about it the more I am not sure I am ready for this little adventure. But, I guess I can not send any of them back. So lets just hope Tiny sleeps well this afternoon and Sinclaire doesn't get any sicker. Kit Kat started with a fever and sore throat on Sunday and I think she is almost better. Now Sinclaire has a fever so I guess we will see what happens. I guess we know how Tiny feels about the whole situation from this picture.

*Kit Kat always calls the baby Tiny, so that's what we will call him for blogging purposes.


Kristie said...

Is he flipping me off:-)?
Hollar if you need some relief. The girls can always come over and play.

Sarah said...

Love the name (his real one). We know a 6 year old with that name and he's one of our favorite friends (of the kids).

Hope all goes well this week with the adjustment to 3....having sick kids sure adds something to the equation.

JoEllen said...

I love the name "baby Tiny." It's too cute.

My help leaves tomorrow morning, bright and early. We have a doctor's appointment in the morning and it'll be my first adventure out with both of them. Sigh...I miss my help already!!

peter said...

Let me know how that mother-of-three thing is will help remind me of why I'm not having another one just yet! :) Also, we'd love to have the girls come play sometime...just let me know. Kristy