Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Evil treats

I found a yummy treat recipe on the Internet about three weeks ago. I left the page open so every time I came to the computer I would see the wonderful pictures. Well I finally made them tonight. I was so excited to try these little peanut butter chocolate squares of goodness. So I had a small piece before anyone else could try them and they were pretty good (not worth the wait and anticipation though). So then I had another little piece with everyone else. I am talking about
one x one squares. Well I just don't think this baby liked them so they kicked it out. I guess I wont have to make them again, ever. What a disappointment. I feel a bit let down, oh well. Tomorrow is a new day with a new treat waiting to be found.


Kristie said...

I keep looking for the liquid sugar stuff..what's it called again? Then we can get on the treat wagon!

JULI said...

Once again, I got to try another one of your blog treats you write about. I enjoyed it! Thanks, but I also don't have a baby kicking it out.