Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sinclaire is obsesed with being a puppy or a kitty. The other day I looked over and saw her lapping out of a bowl of water. I sort of freaked out on her for a bit. I know it is pretend play and probably good for her imagination, but that was a little beyond barking and meowing for me. Lets hope this phase doesen't last forever. Maybe I should just get her a cat.


Kristie said...

We own a dog and cat and Danni still acts like a dog all the time, at least the bowl she was lapping out of was not really a dog's!

JoEllen said...

My nephew totally did this forever (or at least it seemed like). The trick was to address him as whatever animal he was. "Puppy, it's time to wash your paws for dinner." Maybe you could try "Kitty, let's get a drink out of the cup."

My nephew is now 5, and he doesn't do this anymore, but he seriously did it forever! Good luck!