Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today I made the trek to the BMV to get a plate for THE VAN. I pull up and there is the usual 20-25 cars in the lot. Already I am dreading the adventure. We get inside and of course there are the normal 50 people in line, and you wonder how all these people got there. I got in line and then I realized that my licence would expire this month. I thought that was great, I could get two things done with the one wait. Then I realized I was 7 months pregnant, sick, and looked terrible. Oh well. Needless to say it is the grossest picture ever taken. I would show you just so you would know how gross it is, but I wont. Atleast the wait time was not very long, considering there was atleast 100 people there by the time I left.


Lindsay said...

The BMV is NEVER fun, but I have to say -- those in Indiana are some of the best and most efficient I've been to. In both Utah and New York they were miserable 3-hour-long ordeals that I never want to have to repeat.

Kristie said...

I agree with Lindsay, the ones here are pretty mild compared to others I've been at! In Colorado I had to drive to Criple Creek to do anything, and back then the population was 15 donkeys and two old men who were still digging for gold! I don't like how the pic they take here though, they're too much like mug shots!