Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When Sinclaire and I watered the garden this morning we had a pleasant surprise. Carrots, orange and purple ones. I had been wondering when to know if they are ready, but I could see the top part of the root and so I picked them. I am pretty excited to try them, and the girls think the purple ones are very cool.

I am a little sad because I talked to someone at church on Sunday and she asked if my squash had vine bores and I said that I hadn't noticed any. Well I looked on Monday and I noticed that my big zucchini had them so I tried to dig them out. Then I noticed yesterday that all my plants had them. So I am not sure if I will get anymore squash or not. Hopefully digging out the bores worked.


Kristie said...

Nice carrots! I'll have to keep an eye on mine. My squash has been fighting mildew. It's been so prolific, I'm really don't want to lose my plants!

Kim E said...

I pulled my first carrots yesterday. There's nothing better than carrots still warm from the earth with a little bit of dirt left on them for flavor!