Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slight improvement

What a sad little boy!

This is what Tiny's face looked like on Sunday. I know it really doesn't look that great, but it did improve a bit. I think it was only the steroid cream, because Monday it started looking really bad again. I think we will give it a few more rounds on the steroid and hope it improves. I just hope he isn't allergic to anything else.


Macy said...

that is so sad :( I know as a mother its horrible when your kiddo's skin isn't good. Nathan's is awful, really bad excema, and we've got it under control now, but it was about 8 months of trial and error. Hope your little dude gets feeling better!

JoEllen said...

Oh man. that little face makes my heart break! Poor kiddo! Hopefully he isn't allergic to anything else! (that list was so long, I don't know that there is much else to be allergic to. ) :) Good luck!