Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garden time

I am pretty excited. Last night the girls helped me plant peas and lettuce. I love this time of year. I think I just get so excited to plant and have a garden because we can get outside. Too bad by July I will hate it because the weather is so darn hot. Oh well, I hope it is worth it. I do love peas from the garden. Come to think of it I like everything from the garden better than the store. And I have a big back yard no so I have plenty of space to plant whatever I want.


LL said...

I can't wait to live somewhere where a real garden is possible. Here you have to start everything inside, then transplant it. No fun at all!

JoEllen said...

I am totally jealous of your big back yard and your soon to be huge garden. The peas you grew last year were AMAZING!

I too love this time of year. It makes me want to be outside planting...but I only have pots to plant in. I'm hoping to do some strawberries. Wish me luck. Getting things to grow out here is half the battle; bugs are the other half. Ugh.