Friday, September 4, 2009

House burning??

I weighed tiny today just for fun at home. He just seemed to be so heavy. He came in at 17 pounds. Now we will go to the doctor in about two weeks for the really weigh in, but I just had to know. I think Kit Kat was 17 pounds around a year, and I can't remember about Sinclaire. Once we unpack and I can find the box I will compare them.

We are going to my sisters today and staying for the weekend. Tomorrow is the day. We are FINALLY burning my mom's house tomorrow. I know, I know it has been two, no three years in the making almost but it is finally here. I can't even imagine what it will be like. I will get some great pictures and hopefully get some on here so you all can see the massive fire engulfed house.
What fun it will be.


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

My girls were 18, 17, 1nd 16 pounds at one year. Maybe he shouldn't be called Tiny anymore. What about Bruiser? ;)

JoEllen said...

Burning down the house? Why is this taking place again?

Tiny is adorable. I disagree with the Queen. :) Every "big boy" has a "small" name. Tiny fits perfectly! (i.e. Little John, etc)

Kristie said...

Who's bringing the marshmellows and who's bringing the hotdogs?

Funny word ver: 'croch'

Brent Augustus said...

I took Nathan to the dr. last week- he's a runt! 10% on his weight- just over 15 lbs. I guess he'll take after the girls. I think the dr. was a little concerned, but I told her it was okay, their dad is only in the 10% for his weight as well!

The White's said...

WHAT? Seriously--burning her house?