Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Girl

The feared machine in the background

I am pretty sure Kit Kat loves "Turtle"
I just love the face

Sinclaire had a wonderful birthday on Wednesday. Grandma took her and Kit Kat to Build A Bear and I would like to say that she loved it, but she was a little afraid of the filling machine. I had to step on the pedal to fill the bear and the turtle. Oh, well she liked washing it and had a great time picking out outfits to dress the bear. I think her favorite things were the panties she picked out. They were pretty cute. We had to get the roller skates. They are just so darn cute.
We then played at the play place in the mall. It is fun and has a really spongy floor. Sinclaire is a little shy of children, but there was this one little boy there that she cried every time he came near. Grandma thinks he snuck in a hit while no one was looking.

Sinclaire picked a sun cake. I was so excited at the beginning at how easy it sounded. Then I began to frost it. All those little "rayes" were terrible to frost. I had just cut the other round cake and made them, well as you all know the inside of a cake is not very easy to frost. By the end I had ran out of frosting anyway, but Sinclaire still loved it. I think the nose was her favorite part. She got lots of new clothes and toys and videos but I think her favorite present are the pair of scissors. Most mornings since her birthday she woken up and asked to cut. My daughter the cutter.


Lisa said...

Your girls are so adorable, Mandy!

JoEllen said...

We all have to aspire to be something. Perhaps your daughter will be a seamstress with all her cutting expertise!

Lindsay said...

I can't believe how big she's getting. When we first came to Muncie she was brand new. Happy Birthday, Sinclaire!

Nancy said...

Happy birthday to "the cutter." The cake is darling... I remember birthday #1 that was just yesterday.

Kristie said...

way cool cake!