Monday, September 8, 2008

Biking Bug

This morning I went for a bike ride. I have caught the bug in the last month and I finally got a bike. So I went this morning. Last night I asked Sam if he thought the greenway was safe and he said yes. I asked him if it was safe in the morning and he said yes. So I was feeling pretty good until I left this morning after this conversaton.

"Just go north on the greenway."

I responed with, "What, you told me I would be safe."

Sam said, "You will be, just go north on the greenway."

So all the way to the greenway I was freaking myself out thinking little men were going to jump out of the bushes. I didn't even make it to the greenway. I just came home. Plus, what was I thinking. You can't even see the road in the morning. It was a wonder I didn't hit a pot hole in this town and die.

So I either need a biking partner, anyone up for it?
Or I will have to join the Y.


Kristie said...

I agree about the pothole copmment, riding in the dark can be dangerous, you can get a headlight. But I go south on the greenway, and it's perfectly safe!! It's also prettier for short distance, plus you don't have to cross McGallaird. If you can make it Wheeling then the river walk leads right to the greenway. What time were you going anyway?

Nancy said...

I am getting new tires for Hannah's bike (so I don't have to keep putting air in them) and would love to ride with you when that is FINALLY accomplished. I am not sure what time is good for you... If it is 5 a.m. I will pass. P.S. The Greenway is safe which ever way you go. Where are you planning on getting on?

JoEllen said...

The Greenway is safe, don't freak yourself out! I wish I had the Greenway to bike and run on! I have to defend myself against some crazy traffic instead. Biking outside is so much better for you than biking at the Y! You use so much more of your core. You go girl!

Kim E said...

You might pass a few weirdos, but if you are on a bike you can probably outpedal them. The scariest thing you will see are the hard core bikers who wear spandex from top to toe. Just don't look them in the eye!

Mandy said...

Okay, I feel much better now. Kristie, I was going at 6 am yesterday morning. Nancy, I really don't want to go that early. But I have two kiddos to fit into the schedule. Joellen, you inspired my with your race. I just hope I can make it up the hill without walking my bike. Kim, if I ever turn into one of those spandex people please just shot me.

julia said...

i used to bike it w/jan all the time. both directions. it's fine. at least if someone pops out you are on a bike and can get away faster than if you are running. not to scare you away from running... i really wish you had started this kick when i lived there.