Friday, July 11, 2008

I Spy Blanket

Sorry, pictures will come later.

This is another "blanket" I finished about 6 weeks ago. It is an I Spy blanket, but as of late it has turned into a very useful blanket to keep my children warm. It took almost 10 months to finish this. I just got tired of it and would stop, plus I had to get 2 inch strips cut at Joann's, a lot of them. I knew everytime I left they made a comment about the annoying customer that they just had. Me.


CJW said...

Am I the only person who doesn't know what an I Spy blanket is? Explanation please! Not that I am going to copy it - I think the concept of going to JoAnn's store, choosing fabric, and having said fabric cut into 2" strips sums that up as a project I might pay someone else to make for me (especially if it involves any sewing of the fabric strips)!! But it sounds intriguing - could kids occupy themselves looking for items on their blankets?

Mandy said...

Not really, they look at it for awhile and then get bored. maybe they are still too little. If I sat down with them and asked them to find the pig it would work out much better.