Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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I have thought about a quilt journal for a long time and I am finally going to do it. Sam is making me a cover on the laser cutter at work and I will go and have it bound somewhere. Well here is the first entry on the book, after I try to remember all the quilts I have made and take a picture of them, of course. I really like the look of applique, but it takes so much time. So this may look like applique, but it is just double sided fusing. I know, what a cheat. Oh well, I hope Jenny likes it. I did try out some new things, so I hope it still works as a good blanket. I didn't bind it because the soft fabric on the back is kind of "sticky". I think maybe it will just stay together. And I have never used the webbing before.

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Jenny said...

I love it and am sure the new baby will too! Thanks!