Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diaper Free

Do you know how good that feels to say. I am totally excited about it.  I feel like it is such a milestone for me to take. Not that it changes who I am, but rather reminds me that I am getting older and I don't have a baby anymore.  Now that I think about it, I am not so sure those reminders are good ones.


Sarah said...

I would love to say that.

Enjoy the freedom!

Jami said...

This is way exciting! I remember sitting in your living room in Muncie talking to you with your nice round belly, of which Tiny was residing,and you were working on potty training Kit Kat... and you said something along the lines of "people might think I'm crazy having these babies close together, but I'm just afraid if I get too far away from the diaper stage, I'll never go back" lol miss you!

Watashi no Uchi said...

Do you know how jealous I am?! lol Hope you guys are doing well! I'd love to get together sometime soon!