Monday, August 1, 2011

Jungle Jim's

A week ago today we went to Cincinnati to visit Jungle Jim's, a store that has everything you could want. And to see my friend Gillian.

Sinclaire at the entry of the store. It is like a little zoo. They loved it.

Pigs feet. It is the first thing they wanted to see.

Duck feet, why?

Duck heads, even a bigger why.

This was the potty. Red lined seat and everything. Not really, they had port-a-potty doors instead of real doors for the potty's. Very cleaver I thought.

The biggest pez I have ever seen.

A dancing Elvis animal. They loved it.

The trip comes to an end and they thought it was great. If I am ever in the neighborhood again I will go. They had this candy that I had when I was little called Zotz. It fizzes out both ends when you put it in your mouth. I love them. I gave one to Tiny and it was so fun to watch his face. You could tell he was very unsure about what was going on in his mouth. And it started foaming too. I just love him. I have great kids.

Then we went to spend the day with Gillian and Oran and Lucy. They all played together so well and it was so fun to talk to Gillian. I miss living by her and being able to craft with her. I had a wonderful day. It is always nice to catch up with old friends.

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Gillian said...

We loved seeing you!