Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All about Tiny

Maybe too many girls in the house?

Yep, not his toothbrush. At least he hasn't turned the water on himself for awhile.

Just lounging around. He is the only one who would cuddle with me and I love it.

Usually that pencil would have been in the outlet, I took it out so
no one would think I was a bad mom.


Rigel said...

He is getting so big Mandy! He's super cute! I've missed you, when are you coming to Muncie!?

JULI said...

I can't believe how much he has changed since I saw you last. He is looking more like a toddler. How fun! Now that you told us that the pencil was in the light socket, that still makes you a "bad" mom. J/K

Gillian said...

Love it! I have been meaning to call. Thanks so much for taking us to the museum, sorry for the drama. We will have to get together again soon.