Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I hate car problems

The other day I loaded my little people into the car and headed over to my house. When I was about half way there my van started to shake and a light came on. So I kind of freaked out and pulled off the road. I decided to take it to a shop and so it ended up at Pep Boys. The nice 12 year old boy that worked there reminded my that it would cost me $90 for a diagnostic. Fine, whatever it takes. So Mary comes to get me and I load the girls up with her and I take Tiny. We were having a carpet guy come after the window guy that I was already missing. So I finally made it to my house and about 30 minutes later the guy called and informed me that nothing was wrong with my van and I only had to pay 86 cents, just my parking break was on. What!?!?! How could I have done that? So When I got back to my in-laws I was telling the story and how embarrassed I was that I did that, and guess what. I didn't do it, Mary was the last one to drive my van. It did make me feel a bit better knowing that I didn't do it.


Lisa said...

You had to pay 86 cents?? Thank goodness it wasn't $90, but still... 86 cents? Why even charge you when the amount is so small?

Kim E said...

I have had a couple cars that do that. It's not the parking break, though. It goes away and doesn't do it for a while, so we never get it checked out. Is that bad?