Thursday, July 30, 2009

To exercise or not

Well, I had a goal this week that looked like this.

Monday- Bike 5 miles
Tuesday- Bike 6 miles
Wednesday- Bike 7 miles
Thursday- Bike 8 miles
Friday- Bike 9 miles

This is what it looks like so far.

Monday- Bike 5 miles
Tuesday- Bike 6 miles
Wednesday- Bike 20 miles

Yup 20 miles, so does that mean I don't have to go the next two days?
My mother-in-law has a friend that does 20 miles once a week and she invited me to go. It was killer. I had a mountain bike, they had road bikes; I am not a biker, they are; I have never ridden on the road in Indy, they have. But it was fun and I will probably go again sometime. They are going again today, but I am not sure I will be going. I think I need a bit of recovery time. It is a good thing I got a new seat for the bike, or I would be feeling way worse right now.


Rigel said...

Congrats on the closing! Homeless but free to buy a new one! Did you ever hear back on that house?
Biking? Wow! That sounds like fun! We biked wearing our long skirts in the mission all around Mesa and it was so much fun! Keep it up and go today, you'll be glad you did!

JoEllen said...


Nancy said...

You must look so svelte... congrats!

Margaret said...

someone went to FL today and are looking at prices for a bike for me. we'll see what happens.

julia said...

you are hard core. remind me never to race you.

Kristie said...

20 miles?!?! that should do you for a give you an extra hot fudge brownir sundae!

Kim E said...

I love to bike, too, but 20 miles is too much for me! What a relief to not have the burden of home ownership. It makes you want to go and spend all that home equity $ you have in the bank. Go out and have some fun!

nan said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! That is GREAT! Won't be long until you're ready for another 54 miler with me :) hahaha. MISS YOU!!!! :(