Friday, December 5, 2008


What a long vacation. I feel like we have been gone for weeks. We spent 5 days in Utah with Sam's family and had a great Thanksgiving. We did see Twilight, and all but the 14 year old was a little disappointed. Ok, maybe a lot disappointed. Oh well, we were all prepared. Unfortunately that was not the worse part of the trip.

I will just sum it up quickly.

Delayed plane---two small children
Tired one year old on plane
Screaming three year old, that knows better, on same plane for almost 30 minutes
Have two more hours to wait in an airport, not to mention another flight
Kit Kat falling and hurting her arm
30 minutes later she is still crying and wont move her arm
Fly to Indy
Wait almost 90 minutes to get to my car while 4 buses for another lot leaves empty
It is 1 AM by now
Got to pay and the machin breaks
Get home and Sam fixes Kit Kat's elbow

So I would really not like to fly anytime soon. Kit Kat had what is called Nursemaids Elbow. I had thought that was it, but I wasn't sure. I tried to correct it, but I just couldn't do it, and she was crying right at me. So Sam took care of it. Then Kit Kat put her arms around my neck and went right to sleep.

It was a great trip, just a little rough on the way home.


JoEllen said...

Sometimes flying with young kids is so darn hard! Hooray for M&Ms!! They save us every time. The nurse maid elbow thing is the pits. Poor girl!

grandma jojo said...

hope you know you can blame the elbow thing on sam, it's a blackburn thing. dru call's it blackburn elbow.
sorry you had bad traveling. hope the rest of your "vacation" was enough to make up for it.

Jenny said...

Wow! That sounds pretty bad. What is nursemaids elbow? Not fun. Aren't you glad I told you not to expect much from Twilight:) So sad, hopefully the next one will be better.