Monday, August 11, 2008

Small victory

When we have fish Kit Kat usually has one bite, or the normal which is a half bite. Really not even a half bite, it is usually only allowed to enter the mouth before it is instantly yucked back out again. But tonight she ate a whole half piece. I was amazed.


JoEllen said...

Jealous! I can't get Little Sal to eat fish AT ALL, not even half a bit that he spits out afterwards! How did you prepare it? Could that be genetic, because I can't get Big Sal to eat it either.

Kristie said...

She might grow up like Tawny, she'll eat fish with the juice of a whole lemon to drench it in.

Mandy said...

I usually just put lemon pepper on it and bake it. This time I tried a few different things. I should have just stuck with the lemon pepper. I love fish, but the texture is a real turn off to lots of people, tell Sal it's okay, we all have some sort of issue;)